Best Gaming Cases under 100

Best Gaming Cases under 100

PC Cases are not just for the looks and design, and their actual purpose is far less appreciated than the other components. Most of the gamers or the standard PC users go for the best gaming computer cases, which might give them the looks they want. But it can be one of the most terrible mistakes you can make while replacing or getting a new PC case.

There are different aspects of the PC cases, like size, airflow, and capacity, which need to be cared about when buying. But the perspective of “amazing looks” has swallowed all of it, and users face difficulties after bringing the case home.

5 crucial things you must check before buying a PC Case

Here are the most important things you should check before getting your hands on a PC Case:

Size: You would have to check what size of PC Case you are going with. It also depends on the motherboard that you have and what size will be suitable for it. Most gamers and professional users go with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ATX based on their preferences, components, and space available.

Air Flow: High temperature of components is a significant problem for PC Users. Overheating can cause your parts to burn down or stop working after just a few days. To control the higher temperature, good airflow of PC Case is necessary.

Dust Filters: If you don’t want to pollute your PC with dust and particles, check out if the case has dust filters or not.

Cable Management: If you are a PC enthusiast and want to keep your PC clean and sound out of wires, check how cable management is done for the case you are going to buy.

Build quality along with other essential features: Check out for the Case quality, its side panel material, front cover durability, and other things if you don’t want your PC to crack down in a few days.

These are a few of the things that you should look after. If you want an in-depth explanation of how things actually work and what size of PC case can be right for you, take a look at the Premium PC Case Buying Guide.

Top Ten PC Cases to buy in 2021

Let’s get o with our list and check out some of the best gaming PC Cases you can find within the $100 mark in 2021!

1- Musetex ATX Mid-Tower PC Case


  • ATX Mid-Tower
  • 6 Available fans
  • RGB
  • Neat Chassis
  • Massive space for storage
  • Audio ports available
  • Gaming design

Musetex ATX Mid-Tower PC case is one of the best cheap gaming PC cases that you can find on the internet. It comes with the 120 Plus 6 RGB fans to offer the proper airflow to the users. Besides that, the Mid-Tower structure will offer your components enough space to work efficiently and calmly.

Musetex has also offered the mounts for three HDDs and three SSDs in this case. You can integrate all of your storage drives without any problems. If we talk about the side pane, the case comes with tempered glass to offer the best possible gaming looks.

The best thing is that the users are provided with neat chassis for the proper cable management. Other than that, users can also use the available ports for their USBs and audio connections.


  • Tempered Glass Panel
  • Great cable management system
  • Good airflow
  • USB and Audio ports available
  • Options available for SSDs and HDDs
  • Durable body
  • Dust filters integrated


  • Only one USB 3.0 port
  • A considerable number of fans might be noisy sometimes

2- Phanteks Eclipse Silent PC Case


  • Metallic Body
  • Stylish Side panel
  • Extra Ports available
  • Storage brackets available
  • Silent design
  • Best airflow

PC cases are not only about the RGB, so if you are looking for a simple yet fascinating PC case, then this one is for you. Phanteks Eclipse ATX P400S comes with a metallic structure along with the tempered glass side panel. The best thing about this case is that it is entirely silent as the panels are sound-proof.

If you hate noise, then you can also check out the Best Gaming headphones with noise cancellation feature to reduce your problems. Other than that, it comes with two fans to maintain the airflow of the PC.

Users are also provided with many audio and USB ports to plug in their virtual devices. The magnetic dust filters integrated also ensures that no dust particles get into the PC. It can be a great choice to look for the best gaming PC Cases under 100 dollars.


  • Two Phanteks fans
  • Durable Metallic body
  • Dust filters placed
  • Complete silent design
  • Simple yet attractive
  • Supports water cooling
  • Front I/O available


  • Only two brackets for storage
  • No RGB

3- Corsair Mid-Tower PC Case


  • Mid Tower
  • ATX Support
  • RGB Fans
  • Good airflow
  • Strong structure
  • Amazing look
  • Liquid cooling supported
  • Premium Airflow

Corsair is undoubtedly one of the best brands if we talk about gaming peripherals. They have also brought the users this PC case with a unique look to provide something different. This PC case supports ATX motherboards with ease. You can take a look at Premium Gaming Motherboards to pair one with this case.

With the integration of three fans, users will never face airflow problems. The side panel is again made of tempered glass, offering a shiny experience to the users. The front panel and dust filters also work great to stop the dust from getting in. This is also why it is one of the best gaming cases Mid Tower with unique features.

Vast space available can also be used to place many storage devices, and users can also use the front panel for other ports.


  • Individually addressable LEDs
  • Three RGB fans
  • Unique Front look with dust filters
  • Good capacity
  • Tempered glass available
  • Sturdy Allow steel body


  • A deficient number of ports
  • Low RGB effect



  • RGB Fans
  • Good airflow
  • Great cable management system
  • Liquid cooling supported
  • Great side panel
  • Supports multiple storage devices

If you are looking out for the best gaming tower cases, what better option can you get than the MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100? This PC Case is integrated with three RGB fans that offer the best RGB effect. Not only that, but your PC can also maintain the temperature of the components because of the fans.

The case also supports 3D printable plates so that the users can customize it as per their likings. The tempered glass available makes the PC case even more classy and luxurious.

This case also supports liquid cooling without any problems. The cable management system is also pretty good if you like to keep all the things in line. That is why it is one of the best Cases for gaming PC.


  • Eight ARGB LED hub offered
  • Three RGB Fans
  • Cool design
  • Customizable plates
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Liquid cooling support


  • Little to no RGB effect on the front
  • Only two USB ports

5- Thermaltake V200 PC Case


  • Total of four available fans
  • RGB offered
  • Direct controls
  • Massive storage
  • Multiple motherboards compatibility
  • A significant number of expansion slots offered
  • Gaming look
  • Durable design

Thermaltake V200 can be a great choice if you are looking for the best cases for gaming PC. If you are struggling to build the whole PC, you can check out this Detailed Gaming PC Guide to understand how it is done. If we talk about the case, Thermaltake has offered three big fans just on the front side along with the dust filters to keep the PC clean. There is also one fan at the back to control the temperature of the components.

The case also comes with a built-in controller to control the RGB as you want. The side panel is made up of tempered glass to offer great looks. Users also get five storage brackets to place SSD or HDD as they wish.

It is unquestionably one of the best Mini ITX cases for gaming because it supports Mini, Micro, and ATX motherboards efficiently. There are also seven expansion slots to integrate whatever you want.


  • Seven Expansion Slots
  • USB Slots offered
  • Five storage brackets
  • RGB Fans
  • Mini, Micro, and ATX support
  • 16 LED Modules
  • PSU Cover


  • Cable management might be messy
  • Can be noisy

6- Corsair Mid-Tower Gaming Case


  • The capacity of six fans
  • Best possible airflow
  • Tempered glass available
  • Luxurious design
  • Drive trays available
  • Angled ventilation pattern

Here is one of the best budget gaming cases that you can find. Corsair 275R is equipped with unique features that undoubtedly make it one of the best ATX gaming cases. Users are provided with three 120mm cooling fans for the best possible airflow. The unique design with tempered glass makes it an even better combination.

Aside from that, users can install up to six cooling fans without any problems. The case also comes with four storage slots to integrate the SSD or HDD. Users are also provided with the USB slots in front to plug in the headphones. If you are even thinking of buying fabulous headphones for gaming, check out these premium gaming headsets for the best sound quality.

The unique front with stripes also gives a better look than the other typical PC cases. If you are looking out for the greatest and the best gaming cases under 100 dollars, consider this one! This PC Case supports all three types of motherboards, Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX. If you don’t know which motherboard you should get, see this Awesome Motherboard Buying Guide.


  • Three cooling fans
  • Smart structure
  • Reliable body
  • Ports available on the front
  • Storage panels available


  • No RGB
  • Dust-filters problems

7- AeroCool Cylon PC Case


  • Cool design
  • Best airflow
  • Options for multiple cooling fans
  • Liquid cooling supported
  • Dust filters available
  • Awesome side cover
  • Support of multiple motherboards

This best CPU case for gaming is one of the coolest issues you can find anywhere. Aerocool Cylon has an exciting design as the brand has integrated RGB strip from one end to another. This PC case comes with two 120mm fans for efficient cooling. Users can also incorporate liquid cooling systems as per their likings. You will also surely be able to use the dust filters to filter out any types of particles.

The case again supports multiple types of motherboards so that the users can integrate whatever they want. On the top, you will be able to use multiple ports, jacks, and power buttons, which you can use to plug in the best MOBA gaming mouse.

Not only that, but you can also easily plug in the wireless adapter of a device, like if you have one of the best wireless keyboards or any other device. The combination of all these things makes it one of the best cases for gaming PC.


  • RGB Fans
  • Removable dust filters
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • I/O Ports on the top
  • Multiple brackets for storage
  • 6 RGB Flow lighting controls
  • Supports VGA Fan bracket


  • Only two fans
  • Only one USB 3.0 Port

8- Thermaltake Level 20 VT PC Case


  • Interchangeable panels
  • Unique structure
  • Cooling fan integrated
  • Support of multiple types of motherboards
  • Drive bays available
  • I/O ports

It is not elementary to find the best gaming cases full tower. That is why here is something that you don’t see usually. Thermaltake came up with this design to offer the users a unique experience. This PC Case supports the Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards but is one of the best desktop cases for gaming.

This case has an interchangeable design, and the users can adjust it as they want. This variant is also equipped with tempered glass on its sides, offering the best view possible. You can easily place up to six storage drives into it. USB Ports are also available to provide feasibility to the users.

The case comes with only one fan, which might create problems for the airflow of your PC. Other than that, it is a pretty decent option.


  • USB 3.0 Ports available
  • Six storage bays
  • Tempered glass side panels
  • Vast space
  • One cooling fan
  • A good number of other ports available
  • Water cooling support


  • Airflow problems
  • Very hard to handle
  • Does not support ATX motherboards
  • No RGB

9- NZXT H510 Gaming PC Case


  • Tempered Glass side panel
  • Cooling fans provided
  • Water-cooled system supported
  • I/O Shield
  • Better airflow
  • Cable management system provided

NZXT cases are considered one of the best budget gaming PC Cases in this era. So if you also want to get something durable for less money, check this one out! This variant comes with a professional cable management system to keep your PC clean and sound. The brand also offers two 1200mm fans to keep the airflow reasonable.

This case also comes with the I/O shield and the USB Type-C to offer the users more functions. You can integrate ATX, Mini ITX, and Micro ATX motherboard in it without any significant problems.

The case comes with a pretty simple look and does not have any bright colors in it. You can also add a cooling water system to make your components useful for a longer-term.


  • Water cooling ready
  • Two cooling fans
  • Stylish look
  • Two 120mm cooling fans
  • Removable brackets
  • Best cable management system


  • No RGB
  • Fewer storage brackets
  • Airflow difficulties

10- Phanteks Eclipse P360X PC Case


  • Optimizes airflow
  • Cooling fan available
  • Spacious structure
  • New look
  • Storage trays available
  • I/O Shield available
  • Multiple types of motherboards supported

Phanteks Eclipse P360X is one of the best gaming cases for airflow as the brand is offering optimized airflow ducts in their product. Not only that, but the users also get the support to integrate cooling fans in the case.

The case comes with a pretty huge space inside to integrate the components easily. If we talk about the side panel, it is made up of tempered glass, as most gaming cases do. But the best thing about this case is that it has a tremendous RGB strip on the front side.

The users can also use the I/O panel to plug in the mic, headphones, mouse, or keyboard. You can look at one of the premium gaming mice for your PC if you want to get one. Aside from that, this case also has front-loaded HDD trays, so easily integrate some.


  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Vertical GPU Mounting
  • RGB Effects available
  • Many USB ports provided in the I/O Shield
  • Black classy look
  • Air ducts provided


  • No RGB Fans
  • Temperature problems might occur due to a low number of fans

Which one should you pick?

I have always stated and said that you should go for the one that suits your interests. But if you are confused after seeing all these choices and can’t decide which one to pick, you can consider my option!

I would go for the Thermaltake V200 Gaming PC Case. It is unquestionably one of the best gaming cases PC you can find.

Top Pick

The Editor’s Choice

Highlighted Features

  • Four Cooling Fans
  • Premium airflow
  • Gaming Design
  • RGB effects available
  • 16 LED modes
  • A total of five drive bays offered
  • Great Expandability
  • Supports multiple motherboards types
  • PSU Cover offered
  • Tempered Glass


So these are the ten reasons that urged me to go for this case. But again, you might want to get something different for your gaming PC. But it is vital to check out your components, their sizes, and their types if they will fit in just right in your PC Case or not. If you have checked all of the things, then you are good to go with your PC Case.