Best PC Gaming Chair Under 200 Dollars

best budget gaming chair

Building a beast Gaming PC is undoubtedly fantastic, but can you enjoy your games without the best comfort? I think not! As we all know, Gamers spend hours playing their favourite games which results in discomfort and pain in several body parts. So the best initiative to solve this problem is to get a perfect and comfortable gaming chair for your PC.

Best Budget Gaming Chair 2021

What to Know When Buying a Gaming Chair?

Well, it is pretty evident that you will have to check out for some features and functions before buying the best computer chair. So let’s have a quick and bright look at these features and discuss them:

  • Design and Structure
    The design and structure can change the whole perspective of a chair, so never forget to check out for that. The best plan for the current gaming industry is Ergonomic. Ergonomic design works in a way that it doesn’t let your body to feel any pressure points.

    This design helps a lot to the gamers or programmers who sit in front of their PC for long. Most of the gaming chairs now come with the Ergonomic Design, so you don’t have to worry now.
  • Backrest, Headrest, and Armrest
    These features come handy when a cutscene of a game interrupts so that you can relax for a while. Other than that, the backrest is vital for a gaming chair because your whole back relies on it. You might feel pain and itching in your back if you don’t have excellent back support. This can also cause discomfort for a more extended period if not fixed at earliest.

    Headrest and Armrest are also crucial so that you can relax your hands while gaming or lay down a little. Little breaks indeed are good when gaming for a long time, and if your gaming chair has both of these features, you will not feel uncomfortable.
  • Swivel Rotation and Tilt Lock
    We all have seen the rotating swivel chairs in offices, but this feature is now also included in the gaming chairs. 360-Swivel Rotation allows the players to stretch their legs or relax while taking a break. Gamers can also face away from their PC after extensive workload or gaming hours to rest their eyes.

    Tilt Lock will allow the gamers to lock their gaming chair in one direction, and it would never move from it. This will offer the smooth gaming experience to the gamers, and they can always unlock the seat to move around.
  • Seat Comfort and Support
    The best material that can be used in today’s gaming chair is Mesh. Most of the seats and backrests are integrated with Woven Mesh to offer premium quality comfort to the gamers.

    To make your comfort inevitable, you can also check out for the lumbar support in your gaming chair. Lumbar support can relax your whole body while gaming and it can relieve pain from it in no time.

Best PC Gaming Chairs Under $200

Let’s feast our eyes with some best PC gaming chairs under 200 Dollars:

10- E-Racing Style Rocker Gaming Chair

  • Sporty and Calm Design with black and white colour
  • Premium quality comfort integrated into all aspects of the chair
  • Armrest, Headrest, and Back-Support adjustable as per the user’s preferences
  • Good width, height, and length to support gamers of all sizes
  • Lumbar and Padding support for proper blood circulation and relieving of pain

When it comes to Gaming Chairs, most of the Gamers check out for design and structure rather than comfort. Well, I’m afraid that’s not right because warmth should be the absolute priority of every Gamer. But if you want a fantastic Racing Style Look along with perfect comfort, then Respawn High Stakes has brought a tremendous chair for your Style.

Respawn High Stakes Rocker Gaming Chair is themed with one of the most popular games that are Fortnite. So if you are a Fortnite lover, this chair can provide more than just comfort to you.

This gaming chair comes with the plywood frame material and integrated leather which ensures that the users would get premium comfort. Not only that, the seat and the back-support is also integrated with highest-quality foam and leather to make your body relaxed at all times. The best thing about this Racing Style chair is that you can adjust its back and Armrest.

The chair can also be rotated in 360-Degrees which makes it convenient for the gamers to move around. Gamers can also lock the direction of the chair to stop it from turning for a specific period.


  • Premium Plywood and leather material used
  • Soft and Comfortable support and extras
  • Adjustable
  • Best value for budget
  • Durable and Reliable


  • No RGB for Gamers

9- Respawn Raven X Gaming Chair

  • A combination of Vinyl and Leather makes it comfy and soft
  • Sporty Look in black and purple colour.
  • An adjustable Armrest is also available along with adjustable back support.
  • The chair can rotate in 360 Degrees without any hassles.
  • Integrated Lumbar support for best blood circulation.

We have previously discussed a chair of Respawn, but the one we are talking about now is pretty different. Respawn Raven X Gaming Chair is built traditionally. This means that you will find its structure and design similar to most of the gaming chairs available. But this chair is offering much more to the users who are on a budget but want to get the greatest for their Gaming experience.

This chair comes with the Fortnite theme; you will be able to see a cool logo of Fortnite implemented on the Headrest of the chair. The material used in the overall chair is vinyl and leather. It is pretty great for a gaming chair to have a combination of two different materials. This will not only offer the best comfort to the users, but it will also be durable and reliable. If we talk about the frame material in the chair, it is the plywood the same as before.

The chair is also rotatable and adjustable, which means that the users can rotate their chair in 360 Degrees. The wheels integrated into the base also allow the users to move around wherever they want quickly. The chair comes with the purple and black colour offering the sporty Look every Gamer would wish to for its setup.


  • Reliable and Durable Plywood structure
  • Premium Comfort
  • Gaming Design and Look
  • Everything adjustable
  • Padding and Lumbar support available


  • No LED lights
  • Massive Structure

8- Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style

  • The height of the seat or chair can also be adjusted.
  • Armrest and back-support can also be adjusted.
  • 360-Swivel for smooth movement.
  • Sporty design and sturdy structure.
  • Detachable premium headrest for convenience.
  • Best Comfortable Chair for Gaming in every perspective

If you are a fan of black colour and want your setup to offer a premium look, then Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair is for you! Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair provides the black and grey Look, which makes it pretty sporty and fresh. Not only the looks, but this Gaming chair is also offering premium features that can surely be worth your money. If we talk about its features, this gaming chair is integrated with Steel, Polyurethane and PU Leather material for its comfort and structure. Hbada also allows its users to remove the Headrest if it is annoying and the users can also put it back when needed.

The high-density breathable foam offers the premium comfort in the seat and the back support of the chair. The steel also structures offers sturdy experience when gaming. You will also find the lumbar support in this chair to make the blood circulation better and fast.

The back support of the seat can also be adjusted as per the users’ perspective. But note that you can only lean it forward or backwards between 90 to 155 degrees. But still, it is more than most of the brands and can offer a relaxed and calm experience to the users.


  • Everything adjustable
  • Sporty Look for the gamers
  • Steady and Sturdy
  • Swivel Rotation Integrated
  • Best comfortable gaming chair under budget
  • High-density foams integrated


  • No LEDs
  • Armrests can only be adjusted in upward and downward directions

7- GT Racing Gaming Chair

  • The seat offers premium comfort.
  • Fresh and sporty Look with a smart black and red colour.
  • Everything is adjustable in this chair.
  • Extra cushions are offered for extra comfort.
  • The overall structure is steady for a smooth gaming experience.

If you want a premium quality chair that can offer you everything along with looks, support, and comfort, there is no doubt that the GTRacing Gaming Chairs are for you! As the name suggests, the chairs of GT Racing are built explicitly on the theme of racing. That is why it offers the racing and gaming look in its design and structure. GT Racing claims to provide the best durability and reliability in their chairs to provide long-term life.

Other than that, the structure of the GTRacing Gaming chair is steel-based which makes it steady and sturdy. Most of the things in this chair are adjustable, and gamers can adjust them as they want. This also helps players to play their favourite games without any distraction. The back-support and the Armrest of the chair can also be adjusted as per the user’s preferences. You can easily change the back-support between 90-170 Degree, and the Armrest can also be adjusted in an upward or downward direction.

The 360-Degree Swivel base along with many wheels makes it very easy for the gamers to move anywhere they want. Players won’t even have to budge because of this integration, and that is why it is very convenient for all. An extra pillow and back pillow is also provided with the seat that can be used for extra comfort. The lumbar cushions and support also make it easy for the blood to circulate.


  • Best sporty Look for a gaming setup
  • Premium comfort along with extra cushions
  • Back-Support and Armrest adjustable
  • Ultra-Steady Structure
  • Reliable
  • Durable for a longer run


  • Massive Weight

6- OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • The chair has a Professional black and white design.
  • The leather and the foam integrated into it ensure the luxury comfort of the users.
  • Ergonomic Style offers premium relaxation to the users.
  • The adjustability of everything makes it easier for the users to transform their chair as they want.
  • 360-Degree Swivel base along with wheels to turn and move anywhere with ease.

If you are finding a gaming chair that has a professional look without any bright colours, then you might want to take a sight at OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair. This chair has each and everything a Gaming chair should have (except the RGB lights). That is why it is the best fit for professional gamers with decent taste in colours and design.

The design and structure of this chair indeed offer gaming look, but the colours are what makes it professional. You will be able to buy this chair in black and white colour, which is undoubtedly a great combination. The manufacturers mainly focused it on designing it in a racing way, and they have done a pretty neat job. The material used in this gaming chair is leather and foam for perfect comfort. The structure consists of steel to make it sturdy all the times.

Whether it is height, Armrest, back-support, or anything, all the things can be adjusted without any hassle. That is why this is a premium quality portable gaming chair for anyone looking for best comfort.


  • Upholstered Leather
  • Premium and Luxury back-support for comfort
  • Heavy-Duty chair
  • Reliable
  • Sporty and Racing Look
  • Adjustability available
  • Best portability


  • No integration of RGB lights
  • No extra cushions or support

5- Arozzi Verona V2 Racing Gaming Chair

  • The professional blue and back design makes it perfect for cool gaming.
  • The swivel 360 degrees base along with wheels makes it portable.
  • Premium quality and high-density foams are there for comfort.
  • The steady and durable structure makes the chair sturdy.
  • Right width allows the users of all weights to adjust on the seat.

Arozzi Verona is a massive gaming chair, and it can be the best gaming chair for fat guys or the chubby ones. It is because; Arozzi offers ample space and seat in its chair, which is ideal for perfect comfort and relaxation. Not only that, but the overall features and functions of this chair are also excellent which makes it the best. Arozzi has also made sure to make the height of this char a little more than the standard ones. This will allow the gamers of all heights to rest their head without any hassles comfortably.

The Ergonomic design in the chair is also there to provide the gamers with perfect blood regulation in the body. The health should always be prioritized, and Arozzi has made sure to do so. Other than that, the integrated high-density foams in the chair offer perfect reliability and comfort to the gamers. These types of foams are necessary if you are going to play for hours so that you won’t feel any pain.

The upholstery leather integrated into this chair offers a smart and fresh look to the chair. This leather also protects the chair, and it won’t be torn off easily with any force. The 360 Degree base is also there so that the users can turn anywhere they want. The gamers can also move their chair anywhere they want with the help of portable wheels.


  • Professional Design and Look
  • Adjustable Height, Armrest, and Headrest
  • Right overall height and width of the chair
  • 360-Degree swivel support
  • Best portability
  • Reliable and Durable


  • More width and height can be hard to handle
  • Armrests can only adjust in the upward and downward direction

4- Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair

  • Best adjustability available in the chair.
  • Great for gamers of all sizes.
  • Premium comfort, along with high-density foams.
  • Relaxed and Professional Look for Gamers.
  • Easy portability to move the chair anywhere around.

Blue Whale Gaming Chair can be a great pick if you are willing to spend your money on the best budget gaming chair. Blue Whale is pretty famous in this industry because of its correct size and height of their gaming chairs. As the name suggests, this chair is pretty big and tall so that it can support almost the players of all sizes.

The primary material that is used in this gaming chair is leather. You will find the entire chair covered with the leather. It is also great as reliable leather can serve you up for many years without any type of problems. If we talk about the comfort of this chair, this chair has got the high-density foams integrated into the seat and the back.

The high-density foams ensure that the users would relax and sit all the time comfortably. Aside from that, Blue Whale has used steel in the structure of their gaming chair, which makes it super-steady. The gamers won’t find any discomfort or misbalancing when playing the games. This sturdy design also helps the users to focus on their games without any type of distraction.


  • Premium leather integrated for more prolonged use
  • Best comfort
  • Easy to handle
  • Professional Design
  • Everything adjustable
  • Durable
  • Swivel rotation


  • No LEDs
  • Only Gaming colours available for the chair

3- Respawn Omega-Xi Gaming Chair

  • High width, dimension, and height for everyone.
  • Premium quality comfort for relaxation.
  • High-Density foams integrated into the seat and the back support of the chair.
  • Users can adjust most of the aspects of the chairs without hassles.
  • The professional Look of the chair makes it even more significant for gaming.

Have you ever really wondered how cool it would be to get a chair with a combination of orange and black? If you have not, then you might really want to do so now! Respawn Omega-Xi Gaming Chair offers the classic-gaming Look to the gamers. If you are looking for cheap gaming chairs that can be reliable, smart, and durable, then this can be your priority.

The entire chair is covered with premium quality leather that can offer you long term durability. The high-density foams integrated into the back, and the seat also tends to provide the best comfort. Respawn also allows the users to adjust the height of their chair along with its back-support. But do remember that the back-support can only be adjusted between 90 to 155 Degrees. The Headrest offered in this chair also provides luxury and comfy experience to the users.

The 360-Swivel base support also makes the chair portable for everyone. You can easily drag it or turn around anywhere you want without any hassle.


  • Premium Racing Look
  • Best quality comfort
  • Headrest, Armrest, and back adjustable
  • 360-Swivel
  • Portable
  • Reliable and Durable


  • Armrest only adjustable in one direction
  • Less standard padding

2- Respawn RSP-110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Racing style Gamified Seating is provided to offer the best looks.
  • The premium colour combination of green and black has also been offered.
  • The chair is integrated with high-density foam and upholstered leather for durability.
  • Users can adjust everything as per their mood or conditions.
  • Full 360-Degrees Swivel support can provide endless portability.

Respawn RSP-110 is a gaming chair that comes with the ergonomic design. Ergonomic design tends to offer the best relaxation to the body while playing for hours. So, if you play or work for hours without any rest, this chair can be an excellent choice for you. Not only that, but the chair has also got some serious looks and design.

This chair is segmented with the padding designed which works really with the ergonomic structure. Both of these things make the perfect combo for luxury and comfortable experience for the gamers. This padded design also offers stability and support to the users. Aside from that, the foams integrated into this variant are of high quality and reliability.

If we talk about the physical quality of the chair, it has upholstered leather. This type of leather tends to provide more extended durability to gamers. Users can also adjust their back or Armrest easily as per their preferences. You might have different styles of sitting and resting your head or arms, that is why it is best to adjust it yourself.


  • Best Gaming structure in the price
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great Adjustability
  • Easy portability
  • Extra footrest provided
  • Premium quality leather and foams


  • Back design might feel uncomfortable

1- Homall High-Back Racing Chair

  • The chair comes with a quality look.
  • The overall design of the chair offers the racing style everyone would want.
  • Homall has done well to offer the best comfort because of its leather and padded foams.
  • Users are allowed to adjust everything in the chair as per their preferences.
  • The chair comes with the 360 Swivel support.
  • Users can use this chair as they want because of the spacious arrangement.

If you are looking for a big, tall, and spacious best budget gaming chair, then Homall High-Back Racing Chair is for you. This chair comes with broad support and height, which can easily cover gamers of all sizes. So if you are taller or more substantial than the standard ones, you don’t have to worry about it now.

This chair is super adjustable, which means that the users can adjust anything they want. The best thing about this Homall chair is that the back of the chair can be adjusted between 90 to 180 degrees. Gamers can comfortably sleep on their comfortable gaming chair by changing it on 180 degrees. Other than that, users are also provided with comfortable footrest. The footrest can be used to comfort the legs in an extended position without worrying about the length.

The design that is used in this gaming chair is ergonomic like all the standard gaming chairs. But this design also provides the best comfort to the users at all times. If we talk about its real support, the chair has the PU leather integrated along with the thick padded seat. Both of these things offer the best comfort while gaming or working.


  • Prior comfort and relaxation
  • High quality padded foams and set
  • Headrest, Armrest, and back-support adjustable
  • Durable and reliable for a longer run
  • Sporty Look
  • Extra footrest


  • Heavy Structure
  • The colour combination offered might not be the most exceptional choice for gamers

Editor’s Choice

Finally, which one should you get? Well, it is understandable that you might now be confused after checking out all these ten models. So have you really decided which one you are going to buy? If not, I am here to help you out with the best one in this budget! So now, the one that I recommend you to go for among these ten beasts is:

Top Pick

GTRacing Gaming Chair

  • Premium Look
  • Sporty Design
  • Great back-support
  • High-Quality material used
  • Well-padded seat
  • Everything adjustable
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Swivel Rotation
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Extra cushions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How do I choose a gaming chair?
A- You will have to look into your preferences and then decide what type of features you want. After checking out your preferences, you will just have to look that your desired gaming chair is offering those features or not.

Q2- Are gaming chairs worth it?
A- Certainly! Aside from their premium looks, you get the best possible comfort while playing your favourite games.

Q3- Should I get a gaming chair or office chair?
A- If you don’t prefer looks over features, then you can go with the office chairs. But if you want both, Gaming chairs will do best for you.

Q4- Are gaming chairs good for your back?
A- If your gaming chair is offering good back-support, then yes, it will be good for your back.

Q5- What are the benefits of gaming chairs?
A- The best benefit of gaming chairs is that you get the best possible features that a chair can offer for your comfort, along with the fascinating looks.

Q6- Why are chairs so expensive?
A- The materials used, design, cushions, sturdiness, style, reliability, and durability are some of the things that make chairs so expensive.


We all have heard the famous quote “Health is Wealth”, so the only thing that is left to say in the end is, never compromise on your comfort! It is best to go for the budget chairs rather than having an old one that can’t offer you relaxation. You will feel the clear difference between the gaming and the regular chairs. You will be more relaxed while playing your favorite games or working on your projects. These chairs tend to offer the best comfort to the users who sit in front of their computers all day long. So isn’t it best to get a premium chair that you can quickly arrive at a budget price to get for yourself! Well, it is worth it. Happy, comfortable gaming!