Days Gone, which came out on PS4 in 2019, has finally released on PC this month. “Days Gone” is an action-adventure, and survival-horror game developed by Bend Studios.

Days Gone becomes a success on PC

While the game had mixed reviews at launch, it became the best-selling game on Steam for the week. The game’s concurrent player count was also seen crossing 27,000 on the weekend with massively positive reviews.

The game wasn’t able to surpass the previous milestone set up by Sony’s other major PC released Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn was subject to many crashes and bugs on PC after its initial release compared to Days Gone, but it still had a much larger player base in its first week.

While the game may not be exactly as successful in terms of sales as Horizon Zero Dawn, it still sits with 92% positive reviews on steam, which makes it another success among all the PS exclusives that are being ported to PC.

Days Gone also recently received a patch that fixed several issues with mouse and keyboard controls.

Days Gone is an open-world game where you play as a former outlaw biker by the name of Deacon St. John, who is also a bounty hunter. You have to live in the wild, in a world that was devastated by a massive global pandemic two years ago.

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 Days Gone’s lead designer, Eric Jensen talks about the game

According to Eric Jensen, the game came out more than two years ago and it is still talked about, which is rare. He added that when it comes to games and other media, something is released, and then it is never talked about again.

Days Gone’s lead designer

Eric Jensen also talked about how different PC games are from their PS versions. He said that on consoles, you just have to select different performance modes to control the framerates, but on PC, you have to unlock many configurations, such as the mouse, the keyboard, and the monitor settings.

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Days Gone on PS5:

The game was originally released on PlayStation 4 in 2019. However, after the release of Sony’s latest gaming console PlayStation 5, Days Gone was among the few games that received enhancements for their PS5 version, in terms of backward compatibility.

According to the lead designer, Eric Jensen, releasing the same game on many different platforms was beyond his imagination.