How to find the Best Gaming Mouse (Buying Guide)

How to find the Best Gaming Mouse

If you mostly play competitive online multiplayer games, then you might know how important it is to get your hands on the right gaming mouse. Your fundamental skills and gameplay rely on your Gaming Mouse, as these types of Mouse come with extra buttons, features, design, and style. I am not really saying that you can’t play your games without a gaming mouse, you certainly can, but it won’t offer you the comfortable and professional experience you would need for your games.

How to pick the right gaming mouse for better gaming experience

Let’s have a look at the aspects that can significantly impact your gaming experience when playing FPS games with your friends or anyone else!

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

The locally-made Mouse that we often buy for everyday use often comes with a DPI of 500-2000. But the Gaming mouse specifically made for MOBA, or Competitive Gaming has the DPI that ranges from 5,000-20,000. DPI particularly stands for Dots per Linear Inch. This means that DPI will let the users adjust the sensitivity of their Mouse as per their preference.

Most of the professional players use high DPI in their Mouse so that they can freely point their Mouse in games. In the same way, some likes to keep the DPI low to make their aim more accurate. So if you are planning to get the best gaming mouse for Fortnite or any other multiplayer game, check out if its DPI is at least 15,000 or not. You can easily and efficiently adjust it as per your liking whenever you want after buying it.

Polling Rate

Most of the gaming mouse now let the users change the polling rate or, more simply, the frequency of a mouse. The best polling rate for a gaming mouse is usually about 500Hz, as it offers the smoothest experience in all. Then comes the 1000Hz polling rate, which might seem unstable to most of the gamers and it is also not used that much in Gaming.

The work of the polling rate is to state the position of a mouse every millisecond so that it can reliably offer the best experience to the users.


This is one of the vital aspects when buying a gaming mouse, but most of the gamers tend to ignore it. They should look out for this as their whole palm relies on it, and they can feel pain after a long session of Gaming. Most of the gaming mouse comes in these two types:

  1. Ambidextrous

    The ambidextrous gaming mouse can be the best choice for any person. It doesn’t matter if you are right-handed or left-handed; these types of Mouse can fit best for all types. Their grips are also usually designed in the way that the gamer of any style could use it. That is why you might see these types of Mouse in gaming zones or clubs where several gamers tend to play every day.
  2. Ergonomic

    Whereas Ergonomic Mouse tends to offer the best position for each aspect of your hand. The position of your hand, wrist, or fingers will be in a natural position while using an ergonomic mouse. So if you want to relive some pain out of your hand, you might consider going for the ergonomic design. This type of design also offers a sweat-proof gaming experience because of its material and integration of grips. So if you are looking for the Greatest Sweat-Proof Gaming mouse, check out for its design.

Extra Buttons

This is the crucial part where most of the Gamers stop and look out for. In competitive Gaming, you surely need to press the buttons fast so that you can get equipped with your desired weapon. This can only be possible if your Mouse has some extra buttons so that you can click any of them and get what you want. So don’t ever forget to check out for the different buttons if you want the best Mouse for Dota 2 or any other shooting game. You can also check out for the position of the buttons because it can create significant consequences if not according to your style.


A gaming mouse comes with a different types of grips for different types of players. Let’s have a look at what are those types and their significant differences:

  1. Claw Grip

    As the name suggests, these mice are specifically designed to cover the claws and the end of your palm. That is why your hand forms the claw shape to offer a better gaming experience. This can be an excellent choice for ones who want the best Mouse for Dota 2 or PUBG, where you have to move fast along with your cursor.
  2. Palm Grip

    The palm grip is the most common grip that is used by most of the gamers around the globe. This type of clasp tends to offer support to your whole fingers and palm along with its surface. This can be the best mouse grip for FPS games because of its support and resistance. If you want a relaxed and calm gaming experience that would not hurt your hand in any way, consider getting a mouse with palm grips.
  3. Tip Grip

    This type of grip is rarely used in the gaming industry as it covers just the tips of your fingers and thumb. It is doubtful to play FPS games with these types of mice, as it would be hard to control the Mouse for their intensity.


Well, we all don’t have the same size of hands, right? Most of the Mice come with different sizes for particular palm sizes so that they can offer the best gaming experience to all types of gamers. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse for big palms, you will have to check out for the support of the Mouse. The same goes for the ones who have small or standard palms. So do check out for its base, grips, and support and know if they will be suitable for your hand in all ways or not.

Programmability, Macro Management, and Software Support

It is undoubtedly a great option to program the buttons of your gaming mouse as you want. Even the best budget gaming mouse tend to offer their users the opportunity to program their mouse buttons and adjust the DPI of their Mouse as they wish. So check for your Mouse if it has its official software, which you can use to program it as you like.


You will undoubtedly have to put in a little effort to get you the best Mouse, but in the end, it will be undoubtedly worth it. So check out for all the features mentioned above to get the best MOBA mouse for your gaming experience and style.