How to Build a Gaming Server at Home


Building a gaming server at home is incredibly easy. All you’ll need is a running PC, and since you won’t be doing any gaming on the server, there’s no need for a GPU. So, if you have an old PC lying around in the house, you can use that to build your own gaming server at home.

If you don’t already have an old PC lying around, you can build one from scratch by using some of the best motherboards and classy cases available in the market. You’ll need everything except a graphics card, but it is recommended to check the system requirements of the games that you’re going to build a server off. You can easily check these requirements by visiting the site of said games.

How to Build a Gaming Server at Home

Most gaming servers require a Linux OS, so you’ll also be saving yourself from spending any money on a paid OS. You can also check out the following video to better get the idea of what a gaming server is:

Why should you build a gaming server at home?

A separate gaming server can save you from all the hassle that comes from managing rental hosting services, as well as eliminating any advantages that a host might have in terms of latency.

Hosting a server yourself also gives you full control over whatever that you want to do on it, without much cost. You can also update the servers in case the game’s company rolls out a new patch instead of waiting for the hosting services to do it for you.

If you’re playing a multiplayer game and something goes wrong or you have to restart your PC or shut it off in any case, then if you own your own separate gaming server, the other players can continue playing the game without you.

How will you manage the Gaming Server

Most of the time, the admin panel of the games that you’ve built a server off will offer you enough control options to fairly manage the system from your main PC. However, if you’re having trouble with that, you can also use remote management software for this purpose. Remote management software such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk will let you access your server and you can directly manage the settings from there.

Gaming Server at home

You can also build your own voice chat server for gaming

If you’re a gamer who likes to play multiplayer games with your friends, voice chat becomes an integral part of communication and fun. However, some games don’t allow a dedicated server for voice chat but you can build your own server using software such as TeamSpeak. Voice chat servers don’t require that much bandwidth either.

How do you actually build a gaming server

Building a game server requires separate server software for each game and you’ll have to install the software on your gaming server. You’ll usually have to check out the game’s site for this information. The specific server settings for each game differ from the other, so you’ll have to search over the internet for the right settings for the game that you’re going to build a server of. Fortunately, we’ve also listed some of the sites where you can find the server software for some popular games.

1- Minecraft

You can easily get the Minecraft server software from their official site (

2- SteamCMD

SteamCMD is server software that doesn’t require you to install the steam client to make use of the gaming server. It works for steam games that are on this site: If your game is on this list, you can easily download the SteamCMD software from:

3- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games out there. Building your own personal CS: GO gaming server will require you to download SteamCMD. If you’re a beginner, you can download this pyr0s-cs go-server-launcher file, which automates most of the server settings and you’ll just be a click away from starting your own server:

If you like playing CS: GO, you’d know how good hearing can change the game for you and your teammates. Luckily, we’ve put together some of the best gaming headsets for CS:GO, so you can find the right one for yourself and carry your team to victory.

4- Team Fortress 2

TeamFortress 2 also requires you to use SteamCMD server software. You can visit their wiki to learn about how to set up the whole gaming server with all the configurations:

5- Using Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS):

Using a DDNS will make your friends’ life a lot easier since they won’t have to remember the exact IP address of the gaming server. A DDNS can easily be remembered and it redirects all connections to your specified IP address. There are a lot of sites such as DuckDNS, EntryDNS, and NoIP, that allow you to generate your own DNNS for free.

Setting up the game server at your home is easy, but different for each game. You’ll have to look up the games that you’re going to build a server off, but the reward of all this effort is juicy enough. It is also a good way to put your old computers to use. If this article helped you out, you should also check out how you can speed up your laptop.