Headphones play one of the most critical roles in playing Games with full potential, and that is why it is vital and essential to get the best headphone for your Gaming experience. You can find many headphones in the market but are they really worth your Gaming experience? I think not! You will need gaming-specific Headphones to play the games with its best potential, and you will have to keep some important points and things in your mind when buying one.

There are also some types of headphones that you will have to choose from, so choose the one that really suits you best according to your budget and requirements.

Types of Headsets

The different types of headphones

Technically, there are only two types of Headphones, Wired and Wireless. But you can surely find some differences in their build type. First, let’s have a short sight at the build types of headphones so that you can get a good overview of these headsets:

  • On-Ear Headsets
  • Over-Ear Headsets
  • In-Ear Headsets
  • Closed-Back Headphones
  • Open-Back Headphones

These are the types of headphones that you can easily find in the computer market. If we talk about the comfort level in all of them, I would pick the Over-Ear headphones as they are comfortable, cover the whole ears, provide good quality sound, and the users don’t feel any other voice from outside.

On-Ear Headsets are suitable for Gaming but only if you are planning to play games for 1 or 2 hours maximum. Even in this period, you might find your ears hurting badly as the On-Ear headphones usually don’t offer comfortable foam on the speakers. So if you are planning to play games for hours or listen to your music regularly, then I would highly suggest and recommend you go for the Over-Ear Headsets, and they can literally provide their best in all ways.

In-Ear headphones work just like the usual earbuds that we use with our Smartphones. But In-Ear headphones usually have the deficient build quality, and their wire often gets broken by a slight pressure that can easily cause when using on a Laptop or PC.

Closed-Back Headphones and Open-Back Headphones are pretty much similar to the Over-Ears Headphones, but the only difference between them is that one has Open back and one has closed back. So you don’t have to worry about getting any of these three until or unless you prefer looks over quality.

Which Type of Headphones Gamers Use?

There are many aspects and things that need to be cared about when selecting the best headphones for Gaming. For that particular reason, mostly Gamers go with Over-Ears Headphones and the ones made with similar properties. But Over-Ears headphones tend to perform better than any other type because of their design, features, comfort, and many other things. Over-Ear and Closed-Back headphones are fabulous for Gaming and Content Creating surfaces. These types of headphones alter all the noises from the outside, so if you want an intense gaming experience or you are producing some sort of music, then these headphones will help you a lot.

Now aside from the build type, which particular type of headphones, most of the Gamers prefer? Well, most of Gamers get Wireless Headphones because Wireless Headphones are more convenient than Wired Headphones. Not only that, but there also is no problem of the Wires and its breakage problem in the Wireless Headphones, and this is one of the reasons most of the Gamers go with Wireless Headphones. Let’s check out the essential pros and cons of the Wired and Wireless Headphones so that you can get the greatest one for you.

Wired Vs Wireless Headphones

Headphone Buying Guide
Headphone Buying Guide

Well, in this area, it depends on the perspective of a Gamer. If you are a budget Gamer who can carry on its Gaming with a good Headset offering Premium quality sound without any issues, then you can absolutely go for the Wired Headphones. But if you have the right amount of money and you can spend much on a headset, you can get a Premium Wireless Headset that will be convenient. You will not have to face any types of wiring issues, and it will be automatically connected whenever you want to play your favorite music or games. But what are the Pros and Cons of both of them so that it can be easy for you to choose? Well, we have got you covered so that you can easily decide to go for the best one.

Wired Headphones Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Cheaper
  • Wide range to choose from
  • Beast specifications in the budget price
  • No need for extra connectivity devices
  • No set up needed


  • You are always bonded to the device
  • The wire might break
  • Might not work with all types of Gaming Consoles
  • Port availability issues

Wireless Headphones Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Free-roaming of up to 30m (or more) distance
  • Easy to carry
  • Premium build quality (Mostly)
  • Low chances of physical damage
  • Easy connection to connect most of the Consoles/Devices.


  • Higher prices
  • Battery Issues
  • Bluetooth availability problems
  • Set up problems with new devices

Now you can easily decide to choose between the Wired and Wireless Headphones as now the essential Pros and Cons are in front of you. But believe me, both of the headphones same purpose if bought individually for Gaming. Just make sure to get the exact gaming features in both types so that you can get the premium quality and features in both of them.

Getting the Gaming-specific headphones will help you to play all the games like CS: GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, or Call Of Duty at their best. You will be able to hear and locate all the footsteps of the enemies, gunshots directions, and locations with the premium quality sound system. So check out your preferences and see if you can afford a Wireless Headset along with its Cons or it would be better to go for a Wired Headset because of easy connectivity and the other features offered by it.

Must Check These Features While Buying Headset

As I have stated earlier, there indeed are some essential features that you should check before buying a Gaming Headset so that you won’t have to regret your decision after buying it. So let’s have a bright look at all the essential features of a Gaming Headset that will help you to enjoy your favorite Games.

Headphone Audio Quality

If you are buying a Headphone in today’s era, and specifically for Gaming, you should not get any Headphone having the sound quality lesser than 7.1. Currently, 7.1 is one of the best Sound Quality you can ever get for your Gaming experience, and it offers Surround System which helps the Gamers to hear each and everything happening in the games. There indeed are headphones offering 5.1 sound systems, and it is good too, but I would really suggest you not to go for it as it is previous technology until or unless you have a low budget. Go with the 7.1 surround sound headphone to enjoy your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Games in the best quality ever.

Headphone Build Quality

It is undoubtedly and surely one of the most critical and essential things to check in a Gaming Headphone because you would not really want your headphones to break in two pieces when it fells down for a single time. There might be certain moments when headphones fall on the ground when placing them rightly or putting them on the headphone stand, but if your headphone doesn’t have the excellent build quality, it will break. Also, check out for the extra hard-cover on the wire of the headphone if you are going with the Wired headphone, most of the headphone brands use light-weight wires that break with just a little push. So check out for the build quality of the headphone you are going to buy so it won’t be damaged real soon.

Headphone Comfort

Comfort is the thing most Gamers want, isn’t that right? It is right! Comfort is the aspect that most of the Gamers check out for because they know they won’t be able to hold up for a few hours if their headphones are not comfortable. Comfortable headphones will allow you to use them for hours for Gaming purposes, music, or anything else without any type of discomfort. The only actual thing you will have to check is the build material of its on-ear foams. One of the most comfortable materials for the On-Ear foams is the microfiber, so check out for the headphone if it has this material or the similar one.

Headphone Microphone

Playing games with friends in a pretty awesome idea, am I right? Well, it is for most of the Gamers out there. But to play with your friends, you will surely need to communicate with them and to do that; you will need a microphone. You will a standard Microphone integrated into most of the headphones, but are they good for Gaming? Most of them aren’t! Make sure to get a Mic that offers high-bandwidth and Omni-directional frequency to cover up your voice from all directions without any type of lag. Most of the premium headphones also offer detachable mics, but it is not necessary as long as you can fold your microphone to a specific/or any direction.

Headphone Shortcut Controls

Wouldn’t it be convenient to control your volume, vibration sensitivity, and microphone right from just one button? Well, it is only possible if your headphone has the extra few buttons integrated right into the wire along with the device or on the Over-Ear body overlay. These shortcut controls are significant, and they save up a lot of time, especially for Gamers instead of exiting their game or minimizing it to go to the Audio overlay and manage it from there. So always check out for the shortcut controls to save your time and play your games with peace of mind. Otherwise, you might regret your decision when playing your favorite games.

5 Quick Headphone Buying Tips

Tips are always useful, aren’t they? So let’s have an in-depth sight at the top five golden tips you can consider when buying a Gaming Headphone!

  • Don’t spend too much: There are hundreds of brands available offering the headphones for more than $200 and it is too much for a headphone.
  • You can quickly get your hands on a Premium one under $200, and you don’t have to spend that much. Just do the research!
  • Know the actual difference between stereo and surround sound: This is one of the essential aspects when buying Gaming Headphones. The ones suitable for Gaming purposes are the ones having Surround sound, stereo sound is just for average purposes and is not ideal for High-Quality sound.
  • Avoid RGB: I know that RGB is pleasing and can offer great looks to your whole Gaming PC. But the RGB lighting of your headphone might disconnect or get damage after just a single fall. This can cause dull to no lighting at all from one side (or both) of the headphone. So it is actually better to go for the one that has no RGB effects on it.
  • Replaceable Headphone Cushions: Check out for your headphone if it supports the replacement of its cushions. After the use of 2-3 years, headphone cushions tend to tear down due to sweating or any other reason, and you can always buy its cushions for cheap and replace it to get a new great look and comfort again. But it is only possible if there is an option available in your headphones to twist down a cushion and remove it to replace it with another one.
  • Check out the Vibration feature: The vibration feature makes it very realistic when playing shooting games. You will feel the vibration every time you throw a grenade of high frequency or shoot a gun with a loud shot sound; you will feel the vibration between your ears offering a realistic experience. So if you want to explore the vibes in your games, check out the vibration feature.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What type of headphones should you buy for Gaming?
Get the headphones having Over-Ear cushions and 7.1 surround sound to enjoy your Gaming at it’s best. As for the wired or wireless ones, get the one according to your perspective.

Q- What is the difference between 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound?
The only difference between the two is of channels. 5.1 Surround sound uses six channels to produce the sound, whereas 7.1 surround sound uses eight channels to produce the sound making it better than the previous one.

Q- Which one should I choose for All-In-One purposes?
For all-in-one purposes, I would suggest you go for a wireless headphone having Over-Ear cushions so that you can comfortably roam around and travel with them, play your games in comfort, and carry them with you wherever or whenever you want without any hassle of wires.

Q- What type of mic should I choose for my headphone?
Make sure to get a High-Bandwidth and Omni-Directional mic so that it can cover your voice from all directions without any lag and offers high frequency to the users on other ends.

Q- What is the difference between USB and XLR connectors?
As the title suggests, the only difference between them is of their connectivity type. XLR Connectors have three pongs that need to be connected to a particular interface and then into the computer to work correctly. On the other side, you can just plug in the USB connector for the device to work correctly. USB Connectors are convenient and easy to use for today’s era.

Q- Still confused between Wireless and Wired Headphones?
I have told this earlier, and I am telling this again, as per the performance of these two, both of them are precisely same and have no disadvantages over performance. But if you want convenient and want to travel a lot with ease, you will have to get wireless headphones. If you are only planning to game and listen to music alone, wired headphones are the best! If you want to check detailed pros and cons, I have stated them above; you can check them out.


Choosing the best headphone for your particular needs can be a tricky task to perform. And to do that with perfection, you will have to know all the aspects of the headphones and all of its advantages and disadvantages before buying them for you. That is why this detailed guide will help you to get the best headphone for you. Don’t forget to follow all of the given points, tips, and tricks to get your hands on a beast device. So follow all these things and check out your budget and then buy the best headphone for your needs. Still, if you need help regarding anything, you can comment, your query will be solved accordingly.