Most people tend to forget how important it is to clean the mouse of their gaming setup, even though it is one of the accessories that are touched the most. It is important to clean your mouse to make sure your gaming performance stays top-notched.

If the mouse isn’t cleaned, it might affect the movements and controls during your gaming sessions. Since those gaming mice are expensive, it is only natural to take care of them so they last for a long while. In this article, you’ll read about how you can clean your gaming mouse in a few easy steps.

How to Clean your Gaming Mouse
  • Microfiber cloth: These clothes are the best for cleaning just about anything since they don’t leave any fibers behind. They can also help you wipe off the filth from your mouse with relative ease.
  • Disinfectant wipes or alcohol: Disinfectant wipes are great for removing the germs from your mouse and disinfecting it. If you don’t have any wipes available, you can also use alcohol for the same purpose.
  • Dry rags: You’ll need some rags to dry and dust off your mouse during the cleaning process.
  • Screwdriver: It is always a great idea to keep a screwdriver nearby, in case you have to disassemble the mouse to get to those hard-to-reach places.
  • Toothpicks: Toothpicks are great as they can reach most corners, where your hand wouldn’t be able to get by.

Your gaming mouse has tons of bacteria on it, which can also result in a health issue if it is neglected for a long time. However, you can easily save yourself from all the trouble by cleaning the mouse once in a while. If you’re looking for a new one, you can also learn about how to find the perfect gaming mouse for yourself using our comprehensive guide.

How to clean your gaming mouse in 3 easy steps

The following are some easy steps that will help you clean your gaming mouse in no time.


Step1: Unplug your mouse from your PC

The first step in the cleaning process is to disconnect the mouse from your PC. Unplugging it will save you from any electrical shorts or shocks that might result from the cleaning process. If you have a wireless gaming mouse, you can turn it off and take out the batteries so there are no complications.

Step 2: Clean the mouse with your wipes and clothes

For the second step, you’ll have to use the microfiber cloth to do the cleaning. Dip off the microfiber cloth in some of the alcohol and make sure you only dip it a little so it’s damp and not dripping. Use the alcohol-dipped microfiber cloth and the disinfectant wipes to clean off all the dirt and grime from your mouse. Make sure you don’t leave any curve or crack unclean.

If you have any Q-tips available at home, you can also use those to get to some of the hard-to-reach places with ease.

The most important part of the cleaning process is to clean the sensor of your gaming mouse. You can swab it off with the microfiber cloth, or with a Q-tip. If you have a blower or air gun available, you can also utilize that to blow all the dust and dirt out of every corner and curve of your mouse with ease.

You’ll also have to clean the roller of your gaming mouse, which can be easily done using a microfiber cloth. If there is still any dirt left on your gaming mouse, you can use toothpicks to chip away all of it and make your mouse 100% clean from the outside.

Now that we’re done with the outside, it’s time to clean the inside of your mouse. For this, you’ll have to disassemble it. The disassembling process differs from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. Some mice just pop open, while the others may require you to use a screwdriver. The easy way to figure it out is to check the gaming manual that comes with your gaming mouse, or just search the model over the internet.

The dirt, dust, and even hair tend to get inside due to the cracks and crevices on your mouse.

You can clean the insides with a microfiber cloth dipped in alcohol, but using a Q-tip might prove easier. Dip the Q-tip in alcohol and swab the insides of your mouse with it.

Make sure you leave the circuit board of your mouse alone to avoid any complications. If there’s some dirt on it that you really have to clean, use tweezers so you don’t have to unnecessarily touch anything else. After all the cleaning is done, leave your mouse for a few minutes so the alcohol can dry.

Step 3: Reassembling your Gaming Mouse

Now that the cleaning is done, you’ll have to reassemble everything. However, make sure everything is absolutely dry; otherwise, it may damage your mouse. Reassemble the mouse just the way you disassembled it and plug it back in.

Congratulations, your gaming mouse is now 100% clean and dirt-free.
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Maintaining the cleanliness of your Gaming Mouse

After you’re done cleaning the mouse, the next task is to make sure it stays clean. Cleaning it often is one solution, but you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get as dirty to avoid wear and tear.

The following are some of the ways that will help you keep your mouse clean and avoid getting it too dirty.

  1. Make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands before you go and use your gaming PC, so the germs and dirt from your mouse don’t go anywhere near the mouse.
  2. Avoid eating and drinking near the gaming mouse, which can result in the mouse getting greasy and it is also quite dangerous as anything can spill over and damage your gaming equipment.
  3. Wipe the gaming desk every day to avoid the dust from building up. This will help you in keeping your mouse clean and the amount of dust that your mouse may come in contact with will greatly reduce.
  4. Your mouse can also get dirty if you have sweaty hands. However, worry not because we’ve put together some of the best gaming mice that are specifically designed for sweaty hands. Using these mice will not only affect your hygiene but will also level up your gaming experience.

Cleaning your gaming mouse is easy. All you have to do is follow the steps shown above and you’ll have a clean mouse in your hands in no time.