What Keyboard Should I Buy in 2021

Is your Keyboard reliable and durable enough?

If you think that only a Processor or Graphics Card makes your Gaming experience better, you might be wrong! The peripherals you use to play your favorite games play one of the most vital roles in offering you the best playing experience.

The same scenario goes for the keyboards! There are some specific types that you will have to look out for to get the best one. Not only that, but the specific and best gaming keyboards also come with some different specifications. These specs and features can be essential for a gamer when playing its favourite games.

Are there any types of Keyboards?

If we talk about the keyboards that you can use to play games, then there are some types of keyboards. But actually, not all of them are good enough to let you play the games with full potential and efficiency. That is why you will have to pick the best type of Keyboard and choose its specifications according to your likings! There are some more types of keyboards, but they are not actually for everyday use. That is why I have put only these three on the list. Let’s have an incredible sight at the types of keyboards:

1- Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are just like the standard Keyboard that we use in our daily lives. They are quickly and cheaply available all over the computing market. These keyboards use the layers format to send the typing signals to the computer. But there are some things which make the Membrane Keyboards unsuitable for gaming purposes. But if you want a keyboard for your daily life needs, then this can be a great choice.

2- Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards are now widely used by the gaming industry as the brands are offering the best possible keyboards to the gamers. These keyboards are integrated with some Top-Notch features and specs that can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. These keyboards use single switches for every button to send the typing signal to the computer. If you are really searching or looking out for the best wired or best wireless gaming keyboard, this is the type you want!

3- Semi-Mechanical Keyboards

The keyboards that usually use the switches for their keys but their whole mechanism rely on the membrane support, then these keyboards are called as Semi-Mechanical Keyboards. These are the best keyboards for the ones who are looking for the best budget gaming keyboard. These types of keyboards can indeed offer you a good gaming experience but in a limited way.

Which type of keyboards are the best for gaming purposes?

The Mechanical Keyboards are the best for Gaming purposes; there is no doubt about that! That is why I will explain the features and the things you should look with the respect of Mechanical Keyboards. Mechanical Keyboards can undoubtedly offer you all the things that would be beneficial during the games, so get your hands on one after reviewing all the aspects below!

What should I look for when buying a Gaming Mechanical Keyboard?

Here are the things that you will have to look out for when buying a tremendous Mechanical Keyboard!

The form factor of the Keyboard!

1- Full Sized Keyboards

Full Sized Keyboards

These are the keyboards that come with all of the buttons or keys without leaving any of them. If you want a number pad along with all functions, this is the best choice for you. This will also help you play games like Grand Theft Auto V because the number pad usually controls cars and airplanes. You will get almost 104 keys in a full-sized keyboard to perform any action you want.

2- TKL Keyboards

TKL Keyboards

TKL Keyboards or can be called Tenkeyless keyboards, don’t have the number pad on it. You will have to play your games without the number pad (which does not matter in most games). The Keyboard usually is integrated with almost 88 keys depending on the layout of the Keyboard.

3- 75% or 60% Keyboards

75% or 60% Keyboards

I would never recommend you go for the keyboards of these sizes as you will have to face some real consequences when playing your games. In fact, the mechanical or semi-mechanical keyboards only come in Full or TKL sizes. The 75% or 60% Keyboards have the cramped keys, which changes its overall format, which can be a hassle to understand.

The speed of the Switches

Most of you might not know, but the mechanical keyboards come with different Cherry models that are used to determine the feel and the rate of a keyboard. The models are stated below so that you can better understand:

  • MX Blue
  • MX Clear
  • MX Brown
  • MX Green
  • MX Black
  • MX Red

These cherry switches also come with different types consisting of different weights. The types include Clicky, Tactile, and Linear. Now, this solely depends on you to pick the best one according to your preferences. So choose wisely as per your research!


In simple words, actuation defines how much force you will have to put in a key to make your PC recognize what key is being pressed. The actuation comes with different weights like 50g, 80g, or 90g, and you will have to choose if you are a hard presser or low presser as per your preference. Most of the latest mechanical keyboards come with premium actuation, which lets the users feel comfortable regardless of their weight.

Availability of Extra Macro Keys

Most of the brands are now offering multiple programmable macro keys in their keyboards. These keyboards can be useful in the games as it is allowed to program them as the users want. You can adjust the keys as per your preference or likings anytime you want

Not only that, but these keys can also be used in the games for performing specific actions with ease. If you are a real hard-core gamer who plays games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Minecraft, you will surely want to get your hands on a keyboard with extra programmable macro keys.

Integration of RGB in the Keyboard

When it comes to the actual gaming peripherals, it is not just possible for gamers to ignore the RGB effects in them. So yes, almost all of the gaming mechanical keyboards now come with RGB or any specific lighting effect which offers the premium look to the gamers. It would be best if the Keyboard has RGB backlit integrated into it so that the gamers could adjust it as they want.

RGB Backlit can be customized with the official software of the vendor, which makes it perfectly suitable for every type of gamer. You can also turn off the RGB lights entirely if you are not really into the lighting things. Not only that, but most of the brands are also now offering a complete LED strip placed right on the sides of the keyboards, which makes it even more relaxed and smarter.

Media Controls Integration

These types of keys also play a crucial role because who would not want to adjust the volume of your whole computer right from your Keyboard, right? These media controls usually include the keys of volume Up, Volume Down, Brightness Adjuster, Night Mode, Search Button, PC Shutdown Button, and some other buttons which I can’t think of right now. So don’t forget to check out for these buttons if you want comfort and easiness in your life.

The mighty hand rest

Playing games for multiple hours is not an easy task! Your hands can get tired, and it is necessary to rest them for a while to make them functioning again. But, most of the keyboards are now offering attached hand rest which the gamers can use to rest their hands all the time when playing or even working.

You might find some detachable hand rest in the keyboards, but you will undoubtedly have to spend some serious bucks to get your hands on a keyboard like that. Other than that, you can get your hands on one with an attached hand rest that would offer the same purpose in the budget.

Is your Keyboard reliable and durable enough?

After checking out all the features and specifications, the only thing left to check out for is the reliability and durability of a keyboard. It would be a waste of money if your Keyboard would get damaged from the sides by a little hit. Not only that, but some keyboards also have that low build quality that even the keys break down after some time.

But the premium brands like Corsair specifically build their keyboards with the premium material, which tends to offer its services for a longer run. So go for a keyboard that offers the best build material so that you can use your Keyboard without any worries.

Summarizing the Guide

So if we summarize the guide, you will have to look out for these aspects to get the best gaming keyboard with all features:

Keyboard Type (Go for Mechanical, hands down!)

  • Keyboard Size
  • Extra Macro Keys
  • Actuation
  • Speed of Switches
  • RGB Integration
  • Build Quality

So if you buy a keyboard by keeping all these things in mind, you will get the best possible Keyboard as per your needs. So start finding out the best Keyboard and don’t forget to for a trusted and reliable brand so that you will not have to face any consequences later. There are indeed some Chinese keyboards available in the market, but their keys stop working after a certain period of time. So it is better to invest one time rather than spending little by a little whole year.