Metro Exodus becomes the first game to introduce DualSense support on PC. The DualSense support allows us to fully utilize almost all the features of a PS5 controller on a PC.

Metro Exodus introduces DualSense support on PC

Metro Exodus Brings DualSense Support to PC

The update is part of the new Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition patch that came out on May 21. With the help of the DualSense, players will be able to feel the resistance from firing using the adaptive triggers on the controller, along with haptic support. The only limitation is that these features can only be utilized while using a wired connection with the controller. VGC’s Andy Robinson displayed some of these features in his tweet:

Metro Exodus Enhanced edition comes with high requirements and it can be difficult for beginners or people that are switching from consoles to set up a gaming PC from scratch. In this case, it is better to just buy a pre-built gaming PC, so you can save yourself from all the hassle. You can get your hands on anything from a high-end future-proof gaming PC to a budget PC that can run all the upcoming new games in reasonable settings on these pre-built Intel gaming PCs.

PS5 Controller and PC games

Many PC games already support basic PS5 Controllers as Valve introduced the PS5 support last year. This new DualSense support on Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition opens many doors in regards to replicating the PS5 feel on PC.

Many exclusive PS4 titles are expected to come to PC in 2021. With the introduction of the DualSense support on PC, it is most likely that we’ll be able to play some of these PS4 games with the PS5 controller. There was also a recent firmware update to PS5 that brought DualSense features to many PS4 games.

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Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition brings many ray tracing features

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is a high-profile AAA game that will allow you to make use of hardware-accelerated ray tracing hardware. It is one of the first games to go that far in terms of utilizing the next-gen graphic features, and it is expected that most other upcoming games will follow in its footsteps.

The game is just the original 2019 version with enhanced graphics that support ray tracing. The games include many ray tracing features from ray-traced reflections to ray-traced lighting and global illumination.

If you were a fan of the original Metro Exodus that came out in 2019, you should most definitely check out the Enhanced edition of the game. The Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is set to come out on PS5 and Xbox Series X on the 18th of June, 2021.