We’ve been hearing about Battlefield 6 leaks and news about every other week now. However, the recent leaks, which appear to be of a reveal trailer, have brought us actual in-game footage.

Battlefield 6 is officially set to be announced in June 2021, has suffered a lot at the hands of leakers, and now almost the entirety of the reveal trailer is out there in the form of images, before the official release.

Battlefield 6 will obviously have high system requirements. It is best to prepare for it beforehand and get yourself a gaming PC, so you can play all the new and upcoming games at high FPS.

New Expected Changes in Battlefield 6:

Judging from the images, it can be said that the new Battlefield game will take place in a near-future or modern setting. All the past Battlefield games have been about World Wars, so this one is determined to change things for the franchise.

New Battlefield 6 trailer leaks bring you in-game footage
New Battlefield 6 trailer leaks bring you in-game footage

It is also expected that the new Battlefield game will include a Battle Royale mode. It comes as no surprise since the mode is extremely popular now.

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Battlefield 6 trailer leak:

Tom Henderson, the popular leaker, has said that we’ve now seen about 80% of the trailer of the upcoming Battlefield game.

However, all of it is in the form of blurry images with a huge watermark plastered over them. It is incredibly difficult for the fans to make out anything from the still images without scrolling through them at light speed. Fortunately, some fans have merged all these still images in GIF formats, so you won’t have to do the hard work.

The still images from the trailer go along perfectly with the previous trailer leaks. While the official release date of the Battlefield 6 trailer is in June, it is expected that it will be released sooner amidst all these leaks.

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The previous games in the Battlefield Franchise:

The Battlefield videogames, developed by DICE, are a series of First-person shooter (FPS) games. The first game in the series, Battlefield 1942 was released for Windows PC in 2002. Battlefield 2 was released in 2005, with the Battlefield Bad Company releasing in 2008 for the PS3, and the Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out in 2010.

New Battlefield 6

The next major games in the franchise were Battlefield 3 (2011) and Battlefield 4 (2013), after that came out Battlefield Hardline for PC in 2015. Battlefield 1 was released in 2016, and Battlefield V, the latest game in the series, came out in 2018. All these games featured both single-player and multiplayer game mods, but the latter is much more popular and fun according to the fans.

The upcoming Battlefield 6 game is set to be named only “Battlefield.”