Poker Club is now available for PS4/PS5. This game is for you who enjoy playing poker online but want to do it on your PS4 and PS5 consoles. While the game includes Texas Hold ’em, it has a few differences in the overall gaming experience.

Texas Hold ’em gameplay

Texas Hold ’em is the most popular way to play poker online. The dealer gives two cards to each player. The players look at their cards, and either call or raise the bets. After that, it’s the dealer’s turn. He rejects a card from the table and spreads three other ones. This first move is called the flop. At this point, you as a player, need to decide what will be your next move in order to have the best five cards — either to call or raise the bet.

Next, the dealer burns one more card and takes another one. This second move is called the turn. After the turn, you need to decide your next move again, so that you have the best five cards. The dealer withdraws one more card. For this ultimate move, the so-called river, he puts another card on the table, facing upwards. Finally, when all players have placed their bets, they show their cards. The best five-card hand wins.

What is crucial in poker is to observe your opponents’ facial expressions in order to try to understand what cards they have. The best way to do that is to look at their faces when the dealer either flops or turns.

Poker Club gameplay

Texas Hold ’em has the same rules at Poker Club. However, there are a few alterations in Poker Club. First, there is a career mode, where you play in various events with different goals in order to earn stars.

The stars are the highlight of the game. These are fundamental if you want to proceed to the next career events, as they have bigger payoffs. Besides the main events, there are other tournaments as well, and head-to-head games that take place in several locations, such as game arenas. Regarding the visuals, the layout is excellent, and runs smoothly on Ultra HD and 4K.

Creating your character

In the beginning, you have very limited options of customization. You can only change a few shirts on your player. As you proceed in the game and unlock new items, you discover that they are just variations of the same piece. However, you still need to purchase the item with chips. So, what you are unlocking is the ability to shop for more exclusive items. You are not unlocking these items and getting them for free.

Real players and AI

Poker Club is an online game, where you play with other people. If another player is at the same event with you, you will be paired together. However, when playing with a “real person”, although you can only see their avatar, you have more chances of understanding their moves and behaviour.

However, in most cases, the game matches you up with AI. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand their moves, as AI can make unpredictable moves. This includes raising the stakes too much on the first move. If there were fewer career events, you would probably be paired with a real player.


A very important detail of Poker Club is that it does not have any in-game transactions or microtransactions. You can buy everything with the chips you earn from playing. So, once you purchase the game, you do not have to spend any more money.


Poker Club is an interesting game. The low player base is definitely a disadvantage. Nevertheless, it’s a real poker game, where you can exercise your skills while learning new ones. Even though you have little liberty to customize your avatar, the game is addictive just like regular poker. However, it is worth a shot if you are a poker player and want to try it on your console too.