Twitch, one of the most popular live-streaming platforms, has introduced a new category following a backlash from viewers and advertisers. The new category “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” was introduced, so that the streamers and the advertisers both have a way to identify ‘sexy’ streams.

Twitch Introduces HOT TUBS Category for Streamers

The “Hot Tub Controversy” and how Twitch dealt with it

Last week, many streamers were complaining about how advertisements had been removed from their respective channels for no reason. They complained that there was no announcement or any explanation from Twitch.

Twitch later revealed that the advertisement was removed because of the advertiser’s requests. They said that they should’ve notified the affected streamers but it was a mistake on Twitch’s part. However, the streaming platform clarified that they’re currently trying to restore ads in some situations, while also trying to contact specifically affected streamers.

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Twitch regarding “SEXY” streamers

There was some confusion regarding Twitch about how and what kind of “sexy” content do they approve of in their guidelines. The streaming platform states that it is not against the rules if you’re found sexy by others. Twitch also said that they won’t take any action against anyone just because they’re attractive to others.

Twitch introduces ‘hot tubs’ category following a controversy

According to the rules, streamers are allowed to stream while wearing their swimwear or bikinis in very specific situations, such as at the pool, hot tub, or a beach. Twitch said that streamers are also allowed to express themselves using body painting and body writing, only if they follow the company’s attire guidelines.

Hot tub streamers are mostly women. These women streamers sometimes face harassment from men on their live streams. From now on, their new hot tub streams will now be moved automatically to a separate category called the Hot Tub section. However, this will only apply if their streams follow the community guidelines. According to twitch, they don’t approve of any type of harassment for whatever content their streamers choose to stream.

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The Advertisers and the new “Hot Tub” category

The new Hot Tub category will allow advertisers to better regulate their ads on whatever streams they want to advertise on. Advertisers can now also opt-out of running ads on Hot Tub content if they don’t want to.

Streamers mostly get their earnings through advertisements. If the advertisers don’t want their ads on hot tub streams, there will be much fewer streamers willing to take part in this sort of streaming.

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